Fall Foliage Recon, 10/19/17, Interior SE Massachusetts

We set out today to see what sort of fall foliage can be found by someone driving semi-aimlessly through the SE Massachusetts interior.


This doesn’t count as foliage, but the article needed some purple.


We started in Kingston, rolled up Route 106, diverted briefly onto Route 36 in Halifax/Pembroke, got back on 106, went up 58 to Monponsett, got back on 106, took it to 105 and rode 105 into Rochester. We covered some ground, so you don’t have to.


It was somewhat of a wasted trip, as the warm Autumn has held off the foliage season somewhat. You have to go north to see anything, and I saw almost no foliage at all south of Middleboro.


The next few weeks should see everything fill in, as long as we don’t get a major windstorm.


You can see some color on West Monponsett Lake, but Vermont doesn’t need to worry about Halifax just yet.
It got bad enough that I started shooting at individual leaves.


Between the one above and the one here, you can see that the colors are changing and things should be nice soon enough.


The corn is almost set, as well,



Cranberries are technically not foliage, but it’s a nice shot. We’ll do more on cranberries closer to Thanksgiving.


We’ll also do more on pumpkins. We plan on re-running this trip soon enough, as the fall foliage kicks in.

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