Halifax/Middleboro Pumpkin Patch

Any kid of any age anywhere can tell you that, as Halloween approaches, there is no better place to be than a pumpkin patch. OK, maybe a haunted house, maybe a cemetery, maybe a barn dance… but it’s a solid Top 10 contender.
Much like Linus, I attempted to lure my Intended to the pumpkin patch for a night of Great Pumpkin stalking. Much unlike Sally, Teresa declined. 


Maybe it’s me, but I’d rather get my pumpkin off of a vine than out of some cardboard Wal-Mart bin. I didn’t buy one here, because I never saw anyone. I would imagine that I would see someone if I attempted to walk off with a pumpkin, perhaps someone with a shotgun. Farm people are funny about matters of borrowing, and I was deep in farm country.


22528028_10155715836912510_8608545733619758535_n (1)
My man (or woman, I don’t know who runs the farm) had at least 100 pumpkins, maybe more.


We were right on the Halifax/Middleboro line off of Route 105. Route 105 rules for anything Autumnal, be it foliage or cranberries or pumpkins. I highly recommend it if you got for a Sunday drive.


Pumpkin patches look messier than they are, because they grow off of a vine. The stem,  which we associate with the top of the pumpkin, is actually what attaches it to the vine, and most pumpkins rock that tipped-over look.


I don’t know if that is a green pumpkin about to turn orange, or an orange pumpkin about to turn green. For all the rural stuff we cover, I was born in Dorchester, and the Dot tends to assert itself when I have to explain something too Deep Country.


Those ones are definitely green. I don’t know what you do with a green pumpkin. It’s like the striped ABA basketball of pumpkins. Much like Red Auerbach once said of the striped ABA basketball, the green pumpkin “looks like a seal should be bouncing it on her nose.”
That was totally unnecessary…

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