Fall Foliage Recon, SE Massachusetts, 10/21/17

We’ve been touring the interior of SE Massachusetts, checking out the progression of the local fall foliage.
We ran New Bedford to Freetown to Lakeville to Middleboro to Halifax to Bridgewater and then back to New Beddy.
We were on a roll, starting from Route 18 then 105 then 106 then 104.
We stopped early for some blessings.
The foliage is just starting to turn in SE Massachusetts. It is better north of Plymouth/Brockton, and we’ll be up that way early next week.
A recently plowed field allows the photographer to get a few trees into a shot.
It looks like foliage just suddenly broke out in this picture.
If the cart is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’…


The orange/sierra trees are busting out the color ahead of the red/yellow trees, I’ve noticed.


We did a tour of this area a few days ago, and foliage color has deepened noticeably in the interim.
We were at this pumpkin patch the other day, but just for pumpkins. We went today for a foliage shot… with pumpkins.
Seeing as our foliage is still gaining color in the interior of SE Massachusetts, we probably won’t get to Cape Cod’s foliage untilĀ  November.
The interior towns of Plymouth and Bristol County(s) will be hitting peak color soon enough, we’ll let you know…


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