Cranberry Harvest, Rochester MA

We’re Cranberry County Magazine… you know that we’re going all in on the cranberry harvest.
Today, we visited the bogs off of Mary’s Pond in Rochester, MA.
Our sources estimate that there are 70 million cranberries in this picture, enough for 350,000 Cape Codders (given a requisite amount of sugar, of course)…
Mary’s Pond is an 81 acre pond, 30 deep in places. It, and the various ponds/streams/reservoirs around it, are used to irrigate/flood about a dozen bogs in the area… including this one.
Once they flood it, they then send in the machines to thresh the berries loose.
Threshing away…
The berries float to the surface and are gathered by the workmen.
They also beautify the region to the point where even a rotten photographer with a shoddy camera-phone gets cool shots.
This was a two man operation, which is odd. I saw similar bogs being worked by a dozen people.
Some grass is growing out of the bog, which would eventually make for a cool football field if they maintained it.
22687947_10155718022327510_7528741115602941754_n (1)
All of these berries get gathered up and sent off to Ocean Spray and what have you.
… and then the bog looks like this.

A bit of video…



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