Fall Foliage Recon, SE Massachusetts, 10/23/17

We took our tour of SE Massachusetts fall foliage a bit further north today, where the colors are near peak levels. The fog, which Bill Belichick is responsible for, also was near peak levels.


We started in Holbrook, then went through Weymouth into the Rockland/Hingham area.


We then headed South and then West and then South again, but that’s another article. We have enough pics in this for now.


There was a notable drop-off in color as I neared the coast. Peak colors move down into Massachusetts at odd angles. Holbrook is south of Hingham by quite some longitude, but Hingham’s foliage hasn’t come in like Holbrook’s has. If you are on the coast, the foliage inland is about a week ahead of you.


Enjoy the foliage while it lasts. There’s a storm coming Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM. It will have high winds, and the leaves on the trees are in a vulnerable state. They’re about to drop off on their own, and a 50 MPH gale could end the foliage season with a KO1.


Until that happens, we’ll do what we can for you… even if the fog is conspiring against us.


I  was gonna go lakeside for this one, but I’m not really one of those crawling-through-the-forest kind of photographers.
Kinda wish I caught this one earlier…


I’m pretty sure that this is Accord Pond. It’s across from the BK, on the Hingham/Rockland line.


I was wishing for more sunlight, but I got 100% of the still water that I wanted.



This is a must-stop on any foliage tour. Unfortunately, the scarlet oak in question (which, I think, is actually across the street in an up-for-sale house’s yard) hadn’t peaked yet. I’ll check in a day or three, if the wind leaves anything up.


This body of water is so low-key that Google Maps isn’t giving me a name for it. Call it, uhm, “Lake Behind Not Your Average Joe’s.”


Don’t wear shoes that you would miss throwing out if you decide to go all-in on some Accord Pond shoreside work.


The best foliage that I saw on this part of the run was lording over a South Shore BMW overflow lot. The barbed wire adds a militaristic touch that you don’t see very often when photographing fall foliage. I may have to do the Joint Base when we head down to do Cape Cod’s foliage.
We’ll try to get up this way again in a few days, try to get the region at the optimal peak foliage.
Check our Marshfield/Duxbury/Kingston/Pembroke article on yesterday’s ride.



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