Fall Foliage Recon, SE Massachusetts (III), 10/23/17

We have been keeping track of the progression of fall foliage color for you over several articles now.
This is from a couple of days ago, it just took us a while to get trucking.


The basic route of this trip was Plympton, Halifax, Bridgewater, Middleboro, Lakeville, Berkley and Taunton.
Foliage is nearing her peak around here. It has been a gorgeous foliage season so far, albeit one with a late onset. The late season warm weather has made for intense coloring.
The East Middleboro 4-H building and her red tree are perennial MVP candidates in Foliage, but it hasn’t 100% changed yet.
Sometimes my photographer is too lazy to roll the window down or my driver is too lazy to stop. Sometimes it is the same person…
There is a windstorm happening today, and that may slow down the momentum of an otherwise awesome foliage season. Leaf drop could be astounding. Worry not, we will survey the area and give you some sort of report.
Speaking of reports, Id say that every part of Massachusetts is at or (out in the western hills) past peak foliage. Cape Cod and the South Coast still have some ways to go, with the differences between Halifax and Wareham being quite notable… at least notable to people who drive around the state all day, scouting foliage.
We probably won’t scout Cape Cod’s foliage until after Halloween.

Fairhaven, exiting 195 West…. backseat passenger shooting over driver’s shoulder…


We’ll be back with an update!

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