Fall Foliage Recon, SE Massachusetts, 10/26/17

All aboard for the Fall Foliage Recon Trip! Good seats still available…
We started today’s run in Brockton, because we have a weak spot for urban foliage.
We then crossed into Abington, who were nice enough to provide us with still lake water.
A little downpour doesn’t slow us down much as we head into Rockland, although sharp-eyed readers will notice that we will take “phone and power lines in the shot” over “getting soaked and having a better picture” time and time again.
Rockland got in twice.
Hanover gives us our best shot of the fall so far…
The readers have been asking for Demanding more foliage shots with a port-o-potty in it. It does add a nice shade of blue to the pic, which counts for something on a rainy day. Thanks, Hanson!
East Bridgewater has a sort of Charlie Brown tree.
Whitman gives us what looks like a still-life from a forest fire.
East Monponsett Lake in Halifax has some color, but it exposes the limitations of my camera.
Halifax is about at her peak now.
22730286_10155734571312510_1024366793684425755_n (1)
I do OK from about three feet away. I was a Halifax resident once, so I can be forgiven a bit of trespassing. The lady who owns this tree digs me anyhow.
Plympton could support her own foliage article, although her MVP tree up on Route 106 (I think I was on 105 or 58 for this pic) has already peaked.



We’ll be back with more soon!
















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