Popeyes Opens In New Bedford

Popeyes (I saw no possessive apostrophe anywhere, on anything in their store) Louisiana Kitchen, widely known as just Popeyes, opened up this week just off Coggeshall Street in New Bedford. It’s in the same plaza as Market Basket, Taco Bell, Urgent Care and that Pizza Pizza joint with the name that I can’t recall at the moment. We went in to see what was the deal with this place.
The Popeyes in New Beffuh is right off of a major highway and near both a supermarket and a blocked artery’s worth of fast food joints, so it was packed immediately upon opening. We had to go at 2 PM just to get near the place. The restaurant was well staffed, and the girl waiting on us at the register (she’s the far-right worker) was very polite and friendly.
KFC has better chicken, Popeyes has better fries, the mashed potatoes are about the same, Popeyes narrowly has better mac-n-cheese, and KFC has better biscuits. I prefer KFC’s batter color, but that may involve chemicals that I try not to think of when I eat fast food.


22815478_10155736862392510_5512385251277423512_n (1)
The friendly, motherly woman from the commercials wasn’t there, and I never understood how Popeyes hasn’t come to some sort of agreement with the spinach-munchin’, hard-punchin’ sailor man from the cartoon. Much like how Sonic the Hedgehog was never hired as a spokesman by the fast food company he that shares a name with, this is just a fact that I want on the Internet somewhere.


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