Hurricane Force Winds Lash Massachusetts

22851906_10155744130747510_9096892731159846502_n (1)
A powerful windstorm blew through Massachusetts last night. It brought soaking rain and powerful gusts. Damage was reported all across the state.
22852189_10155744130832510_5305263593929575983_n (1)
Much love to Sara Audette for the beached boat photos. 4 boats washed ashore in Mattapoisett, and reports of 9 washing ashore in Padanaram are coming in. You want to get the boat out of the water before nor’easter season, kids…
I hope no one was in that port-a-potty when it tipped over… OK, I’m lying, I hope someone was in it.
It would have been a better picture if the tree were in the road, but I pulled it out of harm’s way before clicking. There was some old lady afraid to drive around it. Fairhaven, btw…
Winds were astounding. Mashpee had an 82 MPH gust. Fairhaven, pictured here, got 76 MPH. Plymouth recorded 68 MPH, Taunton reported 67 MPH, Barnstable and Bourne had 62 MPH, New Bedford got 56 MPH and Marshfield reported 52 MPH.
Power was out all over the region, including Fairhaven, where a power line was down off of Route 6.

Fairhaven, town hall and Fort Phoenix beach, above and below…


Clarks Cove, New Bedford

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