Benny’s Closing, But A Few Stores To Remain Open


Benny’s, a 93 year old retail icon in New England, is going out of business. They have 31 stores over 3 states (MA, RI, CT) and the closings will unemploy 715 workers.

This is a shame, but unavoidable. Benny’s was not in position to slug it out with Wal-Mart, and life is cruel, shoppers.

Many of the Benny’s outlets are already closed down, like the one in South Dartmouth that we captured in the photo above.

However, a shopper who is willing to travel can still get her Benny’s on, and can still collect Benny’s. The store is closing their stores en echelon, closing some while moving the inventory into a larger regional one. Three stores will close, and everything from them will be jammed in a 4th store.

The remaining open-for-business stores in Massachusetts are Taunton Ave and Central Ave in Seekonk, Mansfield, Taunton, Fall River, Fairhaven, Plymouth, Dennisport and North Attleborough.

Be careful with that list, however. I drove by Fairhaven’s Benny’s, and it is open in the windows-covered-with-brown-paper way. I also heard a radio ad saying that West Yarmouth’s store will be one of the open ones. I also just heard that Plymouth may stay open a while.

I’ll update this after some reader feedback.

Stores that are open have everything at 50% off.


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2 thoughts on “Benny’s Closing, But A Few Stores To Remain Open

  1. Where are you getting this information? The Plymouth store has been empty for weeks. Also, there seems to be alot of grammatical errors in your writings. Some of it just plain doesn’t make sense. You list the Plymouth store as one that will remain open then later say that you heard the Plymouth store may remain open. Huh? Maybe you should fact check and proofread before you go to print.

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