Open-Air Art In New Bedford

Why waste time and money going to the Louvre when there is perfectly good art to be found on various walls in New Bedford?
We were going to name this “Graffiti” or “Unsanctioned Street Art,” but a lot of these were murals done with the owner’s permission, by professional artists.
Nothing livens up a drab city like a little outdoor art by a ghetto Gauguin.
Do-gooder graffiti
When I was teaching, we toured Channel 4 with the students. The trip was set up so my five kids who were held back from summer break and I could waste a day checking out a weathergirl (Melissa Bell, in this case). She was cool, but the fun part was when we walked by Gil Santos’ desk. I am old enough to have known Santos by sight, but the kids weren’t. I put a buck down, promised it to the kid who could recognize Santos (he was doing Patriots play by play¬† at the time, I’m not THAT old) once he started talking, went over and introduced myself. Santos, immortalized on the wall’s upper left, has a one-in-a-million voice, instantly recognizable… and I was handing the dollar over about 5 seconds after he started speaking.
23621645_10155787862072510_5630697963539952818_n - Copy
Katsuhika Hokusai could have a nice copyright lawsuit over this mural, which looks suspiciously like someone said “Just redo ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa,’ replace Mount Fuji with a second tidal wave, and BOOM…. New Bedford!” Hokusai died in the 1800s, so he won’t live to spend any of it.
Gutsy tagging, seeing as it is 5 yards off of Route 18.
What happens after someone decides that the Port Of New Bedford needs to be cuter.
Liven up your block-long abandoned Clarks Cove brick factory by disguising the exposed pipes as palm trees. It’s what Martha Stewart would do if she suddenly and inexplicably took an interest in beautifying abandoned New Bedford factories.
It wasn’t me, but I do know a girl who slipped on this once.
Martha thinks of everything…
It’s on like Donkey Kong in New Bedford!

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