Archives: Plymouth Cranberry Harvest

If you need more Thanksgiving before December hits, we have a dozen or so pictures of the local cranberry harvests. We’re emptying the picture stash into this, so some may be blurry.
You need more than one truck to harvest cranberries… one to store them, and one to, uhm, pump water and stuff.
Those trees could have helped us out by going all fall foliage, but No. I wonder if the farmer uses foliage color as a sort of harvest alarm, i.e. “when the oak turns scarlet, flood the bogs.”
Those commercials for Ocean Spray should have more Cape Verdean crews in them.
We try to get all of the crews in our shots.
Add 25000000 pounds of sugar, boil, strain….. Voila! Cranberry Sauce for everyone in Belgium.
We’re berry, berry happy that you chose to visit our humble site.
There’s that machine without the two trucks attached to it.
The cranberries won the popular vote, but the water ruled the Electoral College.
Red tide
Blurry as hell, but kind of cool.
The closer-to-shore berries erected a Trump wall to keep the mid-bog berries from coming over and causing 9/11.
Any larger than this, and the pic gets reallllllly blurry
I’m not sure if the farmers or if Ocean Spray divides the red and white berries. I try to not bother the workers with questions when I trespass on their job site.
If they harvested in July, my Facebook profile picture would be my silhouette in those berries after I belly-flopped into them. Unfortunately, my first status update would read “being beaten by a Cape Verdean cranberry harvest crew.”
Blood on the highway… oh wait, that’s just a big cranberry stain, like on Gorbachev’s head.
We tend to work Carver, Plymouth and Wareham heavily, as they sort of encircle our office.
We hope that you enjoyed our cranberry articles.

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