Duxbury vs Marshfield, 2017 Thanksgiving Game

KODAK Digital Still Camera
We headed out to Marsh Vegas for the Thanksgiving game against arch-rival Duxbury.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Don’t be fooled by the pictures, as I was in Duxbury’s end zone for most of the game… and the “I” in question was Most School Spirit 1986 at Duxbury High School. Marshfield smacked us around pretty badly. The final score was close, but the moment-by-moment was ugly for a Dragons fan.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Unconscious bias from a Duxbury kid, but here was the best picture I got of a Marshfield kid. Even though my boys took the L, it was nice to see Vegas coach Lou Silva go out a winner. Class act.
As if my holiday wasn’t painful enough, the concession stand sold me a hot dog in a tortilla wrap. I shared it with two opportunistic seagulls.
Parking your giant pickup truck in the FUEL EFFICIENT VEHICLES ONLY spot rules pretty hard.

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