Snowy, Treacherous AM Commute Wednesday

An overnight snowstorm will powder up Massachusetts for your morning commute on Wednesday.

This won’t be a blockbuster, although northwestern parts of interior Plymouth and Britsol Counties could get 6″ of snow. This will be a quick-hitting Alberta Clipper-type system.

Much like many areas of life, timing is everything. This storm will whiten us up overnight, and the snow will still be falling for your commute into work Wednesday morning. It should be through with us by lunchtime, but that isn’t going to help you much as you slog into Boston over a skating rink.

Snow will start in our coverage area (Plymouth and Bristol Counties, anyway) at 3 AM or so. At least WBZ has Cape Cod staying as snow until 6 or 7 AM, when the change to rain commences. The rain line pushes from Outer to Mid to Upper Cape Cod by 10 AM, stopping somewhere on an east/west axis around the central South Shore. The storm will end as rain for people south of that line.

Much of Plymouth County and Bristol County should see 3-6″ of snow. As you get closer to the coast, the totals will lower, from 1-3″ to Coating-1″. As you get closer to the Cape, you will see a turnover to rain. Cape Cod may be left with no snow at all, the South Coast may also get blanked and Plymouth (town) could be hit or miss.

Even the towns that get Nada will start off as snow, and it will be snowing for much of the morning commute. There is also a chance, that not everyone who I watched agreed on, that there could be a change back to snow as the storm pulls away from Massachusetts.

Either way, at least the AM and possibly the PM commute could be problematic. Plan accordingly.


Here’s a Winter Weather Advisory from the good people at the NWS.

As for the pros….

WBZ… rain for the Cape, 1-3″ for southern/eastern Plymouth/Bristol Counties, 5-8″ for central and northern Plymouth/Bristol Counties.

WCVB… Cape Cod, Plymouth (town) and South Coast get blanked, interior Plymouth/Bristol get 2-4″.

WHDH… 3-6″, 8″ north and west of Route 495.

NECN… highest forecast totals for our region, 1-3″ for the Cape, 3-6″ for all of Plymouth and Bristol Counties.

Accuweather… I should add beforehand that Accuweather is always wildly conservative with snowfall total predictions….  Duxbury, about an inch…. Eastham, 1.1″…. Bourne, .9″…. New Beffuh, .7″, Halifax, 1.2″… Brockton 1.6″… Taunton, 1″…. Weymouth, 1.8″

“It’s so cold in the D…”

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