Sea Ice From Cape Cod Bay

Rock Harbor Beach, Orleans MA, above…

We end up at the beach a lot in this profession, even in January after a deep freeze. Thusly, we stumble across enough sea ice to get a few pics.

Cape Cod Bay has been yielding a ton of sea ice, so we parked next to this shack and got out to see what there was to see.

First stop. Orleans/Eastham area…
A nice, ice-free harbor…
Water washes onto the marsh, freezes… or sea ice washes ashore. Similar effect…
I wasn’t really wearing the right shoes to trek out there, but 1) you can now stop wondering why they call it “Rock Harbor,” and 2) there are some small-car-sized pieces of ice out there.
A lot of this ice was floating around Cape Cod Bay, then was washed ashore for us to gawk at. It goes away with a few warm days, as salt-water ice lacks staying power.
My man has an eye on things… or the town has 1) a pterodactyl or 2) a Mothman or 3) a slightly-out-of-his-range Jersey Devil.
Spooky tree award winner for today… I’d hate to walk under that sucker at night.
May as well dip into the archives, this is Duxbury.
Bourne, Cape Cod Canal
If you tire of Sea Ice but still need to rhyme it with something, why not Tree Ice?


We’ll finish with a nice, frosty marsh… Duxbury, facing Kingston.

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