Blood Blue Super Moon Snow And Tides Coming…

Heck of a headline, huh? Bri Eggers or Eric Fisher or someone already said “Super Blue Blood Moon,” so I had to switch it up some… professional courtesy.

A “Supermoon” is when the moon is full during her perigree (closest approach to Earth). A “Blue Moon” is when you get two full moons in the same month. A “Blood Moon” is when there is a total lunar eclipse, which is also happening that day (Wednesday)… it gives the moon a reddish tint. You won’t be able to see the eclipse unless you are in Australia or Asia, but that matters little.

Supermoons are 25% of our full moons. Blue Moons happen with 3% of full moons. Blood moons happen with total lunar eclipses, I have no idea how often. The last Super-Blue-Blood Moon on Earth was in 1982, and the last one over North America was during the US Civil War. The next one is in 2019, I believe.

Lacking the total eclipse, it is really just a Super Blue Moon, and it will occur on Wednesday.

That’s just part of the fun. We will have some snow falling on SE Massachusetts on Tuesday. It won’t be a blockbuster, just 2-4″ on the South Shore, South Coast and Cape Cod. The rest of Massachusetts won’t get it as badly, since this storm should just be clipping us. A wobble in the track could alter totals either up or down, or even give us no snow at all.

There is also a chance of some coastal flooding. It should be minor, as this storm isn’t a powerhouse, but it is striking during the aforementioned Supermoon. The last Supermoon high tide a few weeks ago flooded out many coastal neighborhoods.

Again, this isn’t going to bury us under two feet of snow or anything, but it will strike during the morning and perhaps afternoon commute. It could be messy, especially along the coast.

We’ll be back with an update if need be.


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