Surf Check, Plymouth/Bourne/Sandwich

We rolled out in the snowstorm to check the surf for you. We started in Sandwich… we worked between the Coast Guard Station and Horizons, because you can only roll so hard during a snowstorm in a Toyota Yaris.

Apologies for the video… I generally click off any rap music that has been auto-tuned (I’m an old guy, I prefer Chuck D and the Wu), but you take what you can get with Sandwich Public Radio, 91.5 on your FM dial.


Not really boiling over with ambition (the real damage is being done in the coastal flooding heavyweight towns like Duxbury and Marshfield), we went over the river (Canal) and through the snow to Sagamore Beach we go!

This video, of Sagamore Beach, may be better if you have heavy bass capabilities on your computer.

This is pretty heavy for Sagamore Beach, however…
You will notice that I bravely leaned out of my car window to get these shots.
I got out of the car for this shot, but I was on an eight story hill….  White Cliffs, Cedarville, Plymouth.
They coulda put that sh*t up straight, huh? Oh wait, it’s our crappy photographer.
Technically, it is Plymouth, I did check for surf, and stayed true to the mission statement of the article. This is Island Pond, in Cedarville. No surf to speak of.
My man Boo doesn’t worry much about the snow. I took 50000 shots of my old border collie (the imitable Sloppy Dogg), and she never sat as still as Boo does.

Back to Sandwich in the final video, because I forgot to wedge this video into the Sammich part of the article.

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