* Point Spread: Pats by 5

Over/Under: 48

The line has remained steady. One casino actually said “We liked the Pats by 5 early on, and have seen no reason to not like the Pats by 5 since.”

A pair of one million dollar bets have been placed at different casinos on the Eagles.

There are rumors of a flu bug running rampant among the Eagles.


*There is no scheduled date for a parade yet, should the Patriots win.


Strange Bets:

Will any player kneel? Yes +280 No -450

Color of Belichick’s shirt? Grey +101 Blue +102 Red +603

How long will it take Pink to do the National Anthem? Over 2:00 -140   Under 2:00 +100

Will she be airborne for any part of it?  Yes: 5/2 No: 1/4

Color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach:

Lime/green/yellow +225
Orange +250
Red +275
Clear/water +375
Blue +1000
Purple +1000 +275



* The margin of victory in each Belichick-era Pats Super Bowl game has been 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6… and the 6 point game went into overtime. The non-Brady Super Bowl appearances by the Pats saw them lose by 36 and 15 or so. They lost an AFL title game by 41 or so once, too. We beat the Eagles by 3 in the other Super Bowl that we played against them.


* Some hack writer somewhere will compare Boston or New England to Philadelphia or Pennsylvania along the lines of “Better sandwich? Cheesesteak or Lobster Roll?” I am curious to see who wins the “Most Prominent TV Show Set In A Bar” question between Cheers and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

I’m also curious as to who we’d put up against Benjamin Franklin in a debate over Better Prominent Historical Figure. John Adams? John Quincy Adams? Myles Stadish? Paul Revere? Quint? Big Papi? Massachusetts is cooler than Pennsylvania historically, but it is more of a sum-of-our-parts victory.

After those categoeires, I don’t know what Pennsylvania or Philadelphia wins. Most Amish? Best Cream Cheese? Worst Police Firebombing Of A Black Neighborhood? I’m not even sure they win Best Boxer Named Rocky.

I also won’t give them Best Temporary US Capitol, as I consider Massachusetts to have been the whole USA from when the first shots were fired in Lexington until the second state jumped into the fight on our side.


* If the Eagles win, Chris Long has to honor a bet he made where he said he’d get the coach’s face tatooed(?) on his back.

Fellow ex-Patriot LeGarrette Blount landed one of the better punches I’ve ever seen thrown in college football. You’d think that football would have better fights. They have all the ingredients. Hockey beats them easily for Best Sport To See A Fight That Ostensibly Doesn’t Involve Fighting. You can watch hockey fights guilt-free… there seems to be no limit to how many times you can strike a Canadian in the head.


* The last time Justin Timberlake did a Super Bowl, he physically stripped Janet Jackson. I actually missed that when it happened. I was looking down, chip deep in some salsa, concentrating, when I hear everyone go “Whoah…”

I hope that he performs It’s My Dick In A Box, because it is getting close to Valentine’s Day.

Our bet? Patriots 28, Eagles 20





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