Forecast Confidence Increasing For Powerful Nor’easter

People along the coast should prepare now for a nor’easter that begins to hit us Thursday night.

We have a Hazardous Weather Advisory and a Coastal Flood Watch from the National Weather Service, and that will expand to include a High Wind Watch, a Storm Warning and a Flood Watch. Watches will become Warnings as we get within 24 hours of the event.

This storm has the potential to hit us with major flooding, both inland and especially along the coast.

There are several Uh Oh factors to this storm. For starters, it will be a slow moving storm. This means that the coast will undergo multiple storm tide cycles. 2 cycles of storm tides is a bad thing, and this storm could go 4 to 7 storm tides.

Those tides will be astronomically high, as you may have guessed.

That makes this storm an erosion machine, a beach eater, a dune killer… severe beach erosion is almost guaranteed.

A touch north of us, but telling…

We will also see N/NE winds from Thursday to Saturday. Gusts could hit 50-70 MPH, which will both pile water up at the shoreline (the tide never seems to go out that far during multiple tide storms) and fuel house-smashing waves. Structural damage is quite possible with this storm… so board up those windows, player. Structural damage also means seawalls.

This looks like a rain event for Eastern Massachusetts, but the storm track could alter that. It is not forecast to (the TV people have the rain/snow line around Worcester), but keep it in mind. No snow means that the storm won’t get a cool Blizzard moniker.

We should get a lot of rain, maybe 3 inches. 3 inches of rain would be 2 to 3 feet of snow, so be happy for this warming trend we’ve been riding.

The rain should start Thursday night, downpour all day Friday, and still be kicking like Kato on Saturday. The same goes for the winds and the tides.

If everything works out, we should have someone (possibly me) embedded on Duxbury Beach for a high tide or two. If not stationary in Duxbury,  we will hit the road for a Barnstable/Sandwich/Sagamore/Plymouth run.

Feel free to send us any storm pics, hit us up either here or on our Facebook page.



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