Plymouth, Bourne, Kingston Nor’easter Shots

We got our bad selves out during the nor’easter to see what was up with the wind and surf.
Stephens Field in Plymouth… notable here for a few reasons. One, this was where we decided that playing When The Levee Breaks on the car radio while filming flooding is clich├ęd. You can see the video on Steve or Stacey’s Facebook page. Note that, later in the article, we include a video with the Sleaford Mods, even though he cusses. This is also the spot where we saw some guy nodding off in his car as this very same flood washed around him. I had to wade out to his car to wake him. The video of the water washing around his truck is on our Facebook page as well… power is still out as I write this, and we are having some difficulty lifting video from one phone to another.


Gray’s Beach in Kingston, plus the coolest house at Gray’s Beach in Kingston.

Long Beach taking shots, below


This is either Plymouth Road in Bourne or Bourne Road in Plymouth. It’s pretty much the same thing either way.
Bourne MA, Buzzards Bay area…
Bourne, MA, Sagamore Beach area


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