March Gale Hammers Duxbury Beach

Cranberry County Magazine was in the house as the Bomb Storm hit Duxbury. OK, not THAT house…
This gale brought at least 5 damaging tide cycles to the DBC, including the one happening as I am writing these captions.
That doesn’t look too bad to someone who doesn’t know that Ocean Road North is paved.
That also doesn’t look too bad until the “only road out of the village” variable enters the discussion.


I am Facebook friends with at least 4 people who have lived in this house, so we will give big ups to Heather, Debbie, Peter and Allison.
That yard was the height of the retaining wall beyond it before ol’ Mr. Erosion visited.
This was 6 hours before Saturday’s high tide… you know, low tide.
There is actually a list somewhere called “Worst Place To Park The Cadillac,” and while this guy didn’t get the top spot, the entries above him are “Chernobyl,” “Pompeii,” “BLM riot” and “Atlantis.” Atlantis didn’t beat him by that much, and at certain points during Friday and Saturday’s high tides, the differences were only visible to the experts.
That doesn’t look too bad until you realize that it is not the ocean side of the neighborhood
That is.
Was trying for the “shoot the ocean through the house” look.
Locals are already offering up rankings for this storm. You’ll hear it mentioned with the Halloween Gale, but it wasn’t that bad. It was worse than the April Fools Blizzard, and nestles into #3 overall for anyone born post-Carol/Donna/Edna and especially post-1938.
You have to show up way before high tide to get any actual beach in your Duxbury Beach shots… and even then, you have to wait until the wave recedes.


This may actually be Sagamore, but we threw it in as a bonus.
We have much mo’ media that we will sort out into another article or two once I have a hot meal in me.

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