Duxbury, On Some Wrath Of God Ish… Another Coastal Storm Wednesday

OK, the headline is a bit dramatic, apologies…  but we want to lead off by telling you that another coastal storm is aiming towards us for Wednesday/Thursday.  It will have 50 MPH gusts, but will stike during a lesser tide cycle, and will not do heavy damage. 
We had people all over the storm area, and we will share their photos and videos with you. This is Sagamore Beach, snuck into a Duxbury article. She shows up a few times here in this article. 
There are a couple of houses in there somewhere…
This was Friday, and there is still problem surf coming ashore Monday.
It is a bit surreal to have waves throwing four stories of spray into houses on a day where, if you turned your back to the ocean, it was rather lovely. Danielle Cheverie-Mann on the click, BTW.
A lot of my shots are from the same vantage point, I apologize for that. It’s just that here I have higher ground and am leeward of a nice garage. Going onto the seawall or even Ocean Road North is what photographers call Camera Suicide.
They should make hurricane-resistant flags, because Old Glory standing tall in this shot would rule so hard that you would need to pay taxes to it.
I am cheating here, as this was ice that washed ashore after January’s storm. 
They call it Grey Water Blues.
The town arrived between tides and moved some debris, but Poseidon gave it all back a few hours later.
Homeboy eventually lost the upper and lower decks. When we were kids playing Whiffle Ball, hitting the ball over the seawall was a home run… but if you hit it up onto an upper deck, you got an extra RBI.
That’s not a river in the foreground, at least not technically.
The public stairs, which should be capitalized. These stairs were the social center of the neighborhood, and probably still are. They also may have suffered irreparable damage. I am very curious as to what becomes of this neighborhood icon… Sagamore Beach, which I consider to be the true southern border of the Irish Riviera, turns up in the video below.
I could dip out onto the seawall for a shot between waves, but I generally paid for it with a good soaking.
The house is basically level, but the photographer is crooked.
Duxbury Beach is caught between a rapidly filling salt marsh estuary…
…and this.
This is one of those Gets A Good Soaking pictures that I was talking about earlier. 

We have more pics, so prepare yourself now for an article tomorrow.

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