Duxbury and Green Harbor Seawall Damage


We hit up Duxbury Beach and Green Harbor to check the seawall damage.

Duxbury is trying very hard to cover up the disaster response. Media was not allowed down the road into the village. I say media like Media, real media, not me.


I saw Channel 5, 4, 7 and 10 parked beyond the road-blocking cop, denied access to the scene. I doubted that Cranberry County Magazine had more pull than WBZ, so I took out my National Weather Service ID as we approached the roadblock …”NEGATIVE” was my answer. We turned around, with me thinking “I am POSITIVE that we can get by this guy.” We parked at a friend’s house and hoofed it to Duxbury Beach.


FOX got through, although she was there before dawn and was smart enough not to leave.

The non-FOX media was not allowed in until the Governor needed a photo op… 4 days after the storm hit. This wasn’t a safety measure, as the media was kept out at low tide and allowed in at high tide. Work was ongoing at both times. Shady business…

Why all the security? I was able to drive down during the storm, and the town was driving reporters around in their new truck. This was before the wall collapsed, however- whole new ballgame after that……Could it be that Duxbury recently came up on the wrong end of the Who Pays For Seawall Repairs argument, and did not make the necessary repairs?
As you can see, the nor’easter took down big hunks of the neglected seawall. This is just one of several trouble spots.
You kow the storm was bad when it took trees.
…prolly from here
Not storm related, but this graffiti has been there in some form for 50 years and deserves an Internet presence.
Marshfield takes a back seat to no one in nor’easter stuff, so you know Green Harbor got damaged.
This breach is intentional.
Is it the end of the line for Duxbury’s public stsirs?
Back in 1954, these people declined an opportunity to plop a seawall in front of their property for $500.


We have a lot of shots, we will share them out over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Duxbury and Green Harbor Seawall Damage

  1. There is no cover up. They stopped none residents and News vehicles from entering Garnet Rd because 1) Garnet Road is very narrow there is no parking along the road no place for news trucks to park without being in the way of the operation. 2) Trucks are bring in rock and bank gravel every few minutes bring it to the staging area near Blackmans then from there the front end loaders are bring the rock and bank gravel to Cable Hill and Ocean Rd North. They had only 36 hours to get the rock and bank gravel in please before today’s storm. So stop with the Fake News!

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    1. Hi Mark…they have had trucks hauling rocks and gravel after every storm and even for projects. They never shut the road. The road was open for much if the storm, and the town was even driving reporters around…right until the wall collapsed. Also, it is Gurnet Road and Blakeman’s. Please don’t use that moron Fake News stuff when you aren’t familiar with the facts. We are as real as it gets.

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