11 Days, 3 Nor’easters… This One Has Snow!

Only Bataan has had a worse March than Southern New England! That trend continues as a strong nor’easter- our third since the month started- is poised to pound Pilgrimland with a powerful and powdery punch.

The storm will arrive Monday night, and it should continue all dang day on Tuesday. There could even be some ocean effect snow during the wee hours of Wednesday.

There are some rain/snow line issues for the coast in general in Cape Cod in particular. Nobody knows if/where/when a changeover occurs with Miss Gale.

The bad news? There will be strong Northeast winds hitting the coast. Good news? They will be occurring during low astronomical tides, tides running as low as 2 feet less than last week’s storm.

Granted, those tides will be hitting a remarkably vulnerable coastline. Minor coastal flooding has the way of becoming Major very quickly if the rush-job seawall repairs undertaken in many coastal communities fail.

Tuesday morning is the high tide to worry about, as that is when the East wind will be strongest. Tuesday night’s high tide will have a North to Northwest wind which will still be dangerous for some Cape Cod coastlines.

The current thinking is that the heaviest snow will fall on Eastern Massachusetts. It should be an all-snow event for the interior, while the coastline could see rain for a while.

It has the look of a No School, All School job, as Tuesday morning should “dawn” with heavy snow and gale-force winds. That’s not really what you want to be sending little Bobby and Suzy out to wait for the bus in… unless you have to take it out a sizable life insurance policy on each of them. Those buses will be like big yellow sleds on every hill they see. Power outages are also very possible.

There is still time for several wobbles to occur in the forecast track, and they can alter the storm significantly. Check your local weather as the stotm nears. We are more of the heads-up people.


As far as the pros see snowfall totals…

WBZ… 6 to 9 inches for SE Massachusetts, 3 to 6 for Cape Cod.

WCVB… 4 to 8 inches, all snow on the Cape by Tuesday afternoon, snowing lightly all over MA for most of Wednesday.

WFXT… 6 inches for interior Plymouth/Bristol Counties, less on coast and on Cape.

WHDH… Bring Eggers said we’re getting “a couple/few inches” and didn’t say where.

NBC10/NECN…The unfortunately named Jackie Layer says 3 to 6 for Cape Cod, Plymouth and the South Coast. North of, say, Plymouth and Taunton, we are looking more 6 to 9. Jackie’s not a girl, but is always dressed in Layers.

ACCUWEATHER… please note that Accu weather was the only place that I saw the B Word used, and even then, it was merely “near-Blizzard conditions.”

We will be back with an update.


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