Blizzard of 2018 Pics, Snow Totals And A Warning Of Storms To Come…

Some storm, huh? The Blizzard of ’18 is in the books, or at least in the aftermath stage.

We are running this website from a phone as we huddle in a Toyota for warmth. There is no power, the landscape is trending Siberian and I had to go to Rochester to get a coffee.

That doesn’t stop Cranberry County Magazine, player…

Let’s talk Blizzard, try to keep warm and you might learn something before we’re through.

I measured like this, I measured like that, I measured with the wiffle ball bat

Snowfall Totals

Bourne… 14.5

Pocasset… 5.5 (Pocasset is part of Bourne, but the mainland parts of Bourne got into the South Shore snow depth)

Falmouth… 9.2

Hyannis… 9.0

Marston Mills…. 8.0

Harwich… 8.0

Brewster… 3.5

Fall River… 18.0


Mansfield… 17.3

Dighton 16.1

Acushnet 16.0

Taunton… 15.6

New Bedford… 14.0

Dartmouth… 14.0

Westport 13.3

Attleboro 12.0

Fairhaven… 11.5

Wilmington… 31.0 (worst in Massachusetts )


Weymouth 16.5

Bridgewater 16.5

Kingston 16.0

Plymouth 15.9

Middleboro 14.9

Whitman 15.2

Brockton 14.5

Hanson 14.2

Rockland 14.5


Wareham 10.5

Hanover 12.3

Marshfield 9.0

Lakeville 11.0

Carver 10.0

Cedarville 9.0

Hingham 8.6


Power is out to over 125k or so, mostly on Cape Cod.

Plympton and Provincetown both were listed as 100% without power for much of yesterday. ¬†Provincetown has 5876 Eversource customers… 5873 were without power at the height of the storm.

The crews are out there, busting ass. They can’t go up in a bucket to fix wires until the winds get under 30 MPH.


There may be more trouble on the way.

Talk of another nor’easter next week is making the rounds. Tuesday is the date that I am hearing.

Worse… I was hanging out with a meteorologist last night, and he told me that the European models show a monster storm coming for Massachusetts around March 25th.

Just thought that I might brighten your day some…

Here are some more pics…

Power folk out doing their best… I just got it back on in Buzzards Bay.
If you’re going to lose the tree, you might as well go all in and have it fall on the car.
Obligatory snowy field shot


Route 195 is somewhat of a guessing game…
I had to go from Cape Cod to Rochester in order to get my Funky on…
“I was out in the car getting Nice” probably has something to do with me thinking that this tree looks like a really really nice Thai stick
I got the camera out too late to fully Illustrate how snowy trees sometimes make a road very dark, even on a sunny day
The start of the Blizzard in Bourne.
I had to drive under a few wires to get to the Mo Beach Cumberland Farms, which was the only place open that was selling soda and cigarettes.
I have my “No School, All Schools” stock photo for the next millennium
Keep warm…

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