Catchy title, huh? WBZ beat me to “Four’easter.” With 4 nor’easters in less than 3 weeks, we all have plenty of headline-making practice.

Well, you know the drill by this point… a sizable nor’easter is working out the wobbles in her track in a manner that suggests a lot of bad effects for the long-suffering residents of SE Massachusetts.

Snow, rain, wind, icing, coastal flooding, power outages, tree damage, beach erosion… you know, the whole nine. It’s all on the table, at least potentially.

The storm should start early Wednesday afternoon, and it should be snowing during the evening commute. The Wednesday evening commute looks to be the worst of the bunch.

Winds will reach 50 to 60 miles an hour, and that will be bad for our already stressed out trees. Wet, heavy snow will only make it worse. If limbs start falling on power lines, we have another blackout situation.

The situation at the coast could also be ugly. The storm will strike during an astronomically high tide and will be backed by the 50 mile an hour winds from the previous paragraph. The seawalls can’t bear another Nor’easter, and things will get ugly quick if they give out. The worst high tide looks to be early Thursday morning.

Snowfall totals are tough, because there is some difficulty establishing where the rain/snow line will set up. Conventional thinking puts it on Cape Cod somewhere, perhaps at the canal, perhaps further out.

The snow started in Plymouth at 12 noon but it is not intense yet. It may not get intense until the evening.


Let’s check with the news channels to see how much snow we’re going to get.

WHDH has 6 to 10 in for the south coast in Bristol County as well as interior Plymouth County. Coastal Plymouth County has three to six in as well as the upper cape the Outer Cape has 1 to 3 inches.

WCVB gives us 4 to 8 inches for all of Plymouth and Bristol County as well as the upper Cape. The mid Cape gets two to four, the Outer Cape gets 1 to 2, as rain will make it in there apparently.

WFXT has a forecast video up as the storm begins where they decline to offer snowfall totals. Eff FOX.

WBZ calls 5 to 8 for all of Plymouth County and most of Bristol County. Western Bristol County is in the 8 to 12 range as is all of Rhode Island and part of Connecticut. The lower Cape is in the 2 to 5 zone, with the Islands in the coating to 2 inch range.

This won’t smash the coast like the other nor’easters, but it will be bad. It won’t tear down tree limbs onto power lines like other storms, but there could be power outages. We will get a lot of snow, but we won’t be in the 24 inch Blizzard of 78 range. Spring weather will be here soon.


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