Check Your Irish

A few notes on the reach of the Irish Riviera….

– Before doing any demographic research, I went to various Facebook pages on the Cape and South Coast, seeing if the people there felt that they should be included in the Irish Riviera.

The Cape people feel that they are a whole other entity. They are correct, IMHO. Cape Cod is actually the New England Riviera. They draw people from all over, where the visitors on the South Shore have a bit more Paddy to them.

No one from the South Coast even replied, to my knowledge.

– As you can see, the heart of the Riviera runs from Weymouth to Duxbury, with a sizable inland area running to the Bridgewaters. Brockton is a lighter green, but still Irish enough to represent hard.

– You could make an argument about running the Irish Riviera from Plymouth through Bourne down to Falmouth, and maybe hooking it through parts of Sandwich, Barnstable and Mashpee.

– Other than those lonely white dots, you can pretty much roll from the tip of Cape Cod to Worcester on a sea of green.

– Sharon,  a big lonely dot of white in a sea of green in the middle, only has 12% Irish. 14% of their population, and their biggest group by ancestry, is Russian.

– The North Shore has a bit of an inland Riviera going, but it’s a B- to the South Shore’s 4.0. Her anchorman is North Reading.

– It gets very Latino when you get north and east of Boston. East Boston is 54% Latino.

– The more Irish parts of Cape Cod are about as Irish as the less Irish parts of the South Shore.

– Fairhaven (27% Portuguese), Westport (30% Portagee, 14% French), Dartmouth (37% Portagee), Fall River (44% Portagee) and New Bedford (37% Portuguese, and they have more Sub-Saharan Africans at 8% than Irish at 7%) establish a firm roadblock in front of the Irish Riviera’s reach onto the South Coast.

– Onset and East Wareham have the most Micks on the South Coast. while the Popponessett section of the Cape bleeds the greenest. A run from Pop through Hyannis sometimes gets Irish Riviera votes, mostly because of the Kennedys.

– Wellfleet on the Cape and the whole South Coast west of Mattaspoisett need to import some Irish, pronto.

– Even a first grader can look at this map and tell you where everyone fled Southie and JP for when busing started.

– A girl I worked with at AOL is from eastern Massachusetts, and has 4 sisters. Each of them has dated someone named “Murph.” Not the same Murph, either.

– You kind of have to squint at it to see it on that map, but Southie is still pretty friggin’ Irish. You won’t have trouble finding some Irish Spring in Charlestown, either.

– Butter-soft Duxbury is more Irish than any bad-ass part of Boston where Whitey Bulger ever stalked, or at least since busing hit. I don’t see any mob movies coming our way, however… although we did have a rapper get shot in town, so there’s progress being made.

– Rhode Island is 19% Irish. They are America’s most Portuguese state, and also have a pile of Eye-tal-ians.


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