Just Say No…

Bah gawd… Nancy Reagan was right!

Bourne votes tonight on banning recreational marijuana sales in town. A vote of YES is a vote in favor of a ban, while a vote of NO rejects the ban.

We urge you to Just Vote No.

Look around you. You are looking at the present peak of marijuana’s societal ills. It’s already out there.

Look at this 0 (zero) number that I just typed. That’s how much money Bourne gets from her lively marijuana trade. It’s actually Less Than Zero (ironically, a good drug movie), because they have to squander resources chasing around the black market marijuana sales.

Instead, you can- for the same and most likely lower societal ills costs- take in a half million dollars a year or so. Maybe half that, call it X. Depending on what X is, we can hire new teachers, bring on another cop, fill in some potholes, make the new police station worthy of the Maginot Line…whatever you like.

Y is another number, and it equals whatever costs jump onto weed’s back once the Man gets to making a branch of government out of it.

0 + X – Y = what Bourne gets in free money.

Remember, weed is already in common use around town. Voting to ban sales of it won’t make it go away. All that a ban does is drive that business back into the hands of criminals.

Voting for a ban also won’t make it harder to get. Wareham is poised to legalize recreational sales of marijuana, meaning that- if Bourne does not follow suit- I will just have to follow about the same routine that I follow if I want Taco Bell… five minute drive into Wareham.

Retail marijuana sales crush the black market in town, too. It will always exist, especially once the Man starts with his Sin Tax game, but it will be crushed down to minor levels.

Bourne is situated astride the Cape Cod Canal, every tourist on the Cape has to go through Bourne, and many towns on the Cape may vote to ban recreational marijuana sales. With the right vote and a bit of clever advertising, we could get all of Cape Cod’s recreational marijuana sales, which could be astronomical once the tourists start arriving.

Orrrrrr we could let that money go up in smoke…

Like my friend Nancy said… when they ask you to ban the sale of recreational marijuana in town, just¬†say¬†(vote) No.



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