April Snow Monday

April is when our thoughts turn away from Winter, and turn to face the warmer weather of the upcoming  spring and summer.

However, winter isn’t quite done with us yet. After this rugged winter, and especially after the insane March that we just went through… well, don’t try selling me that Out Like A Lamb stuff.

Panic you not… this won’t be a vicious blizzard, a brutal nor’easter or a series of flood tides. This looks like one to three inches.

Call it 1 to 3 or Southern Bristol County, Southern Plymouth County and the upper Cape. The Outer Cape and the northern part of Southeastern Massachusetts will get a coating to an inch. There could be a “jackpot” area of 3-4 inches between Bourne and New Beffuh.

Is this the last storm of the season? The way this winter has gone, I would not bet on it.

There is no official science to it, but it’s usually after the Marathon when I am surprised to see snow. Most coastal residents put off any lawn repairs until mid April, lest a late season nor’easter arrive and lay waste to to their efforts.

Some late season snow info, below…



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