NMLC Benefit

The Trowbridge Tavern is hosting celebrity bartender night on Thursday to benefit the National Marine Life Center.

All tips from the event will benefit the center.

The NMLC is a Buzzards Bay entity best known for rehabbing and releasing injured seals back into the ocean. They also help turtles, whales… even reporters, in some cases.

I think that almost every human being desires to help animals who are in trouble. There are few more viable callings.

It can be tough to do, because not everyone is a veterinarian or Steve Irwin type who can jump into a situation and have a positive effect

But you can do your part tonight just by having a little bit of the liquid courage and leave it a nice tip for your bartender… who do to the very nature of the celebrity Bartender game will be very much informed about seals.

I don’t drink much… but when I do there is usually some nefarious underlying purpose. ” I’m going to drink this beer and then I’m going to smash it off that guy’s head” or ” she’s about 3 vodka drinks away from finding me attractive.” You know, tonsil polish blues, firewater funk.

Not tonight, however… no, tonight, I will lift the mug help some animals who otherwise might not get help.

The Trowbridge Tavern does Celebrity bartender night every Thursday and they’ve raised over $40,000 for local charities since January. The Trow doesn’t set the bar, they are the bar.

No, like literally…

The event starts at 6:30, at 100 Trowbridge Road, Bourne. It’s that TAVERN sign that you see when you cross the bridge… Cape Cod”s CITGO sign.

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