Provincetown Shipwreck


If you know a guy who misplaced his F/V Artemis, they may have it out in P-Town.



The Artemis broke free from her mooring last month, washed across the harbor and came to rest on this breakwater.



The town contacted the owner, who has yet to comply with their demands that he remove the vessel from the the breakwater.



She’s a bit of a fixer upper, as they say down in the scrap yard. She is no pollution threat, and has been stripped of everything except her engine and her winch.


My people told me that he was planning on fixing it up, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  It may also be safe to assume that he hadn’t gotten around to securing the mooring.


Race Point Light couldn’t do anything for the Artemis before she crashed, and right now isn’t looking too good, either.



Few articles are lessened by the sudden, needless introduction of a purple/pink boulder.



There’s another ship up on a different jetty somewhere else in town, but checking out two shipwrecks on one road trip is sort of like what World War One guys felt regarding lighting three cigarettes off of one match… a sensible man just doesn’t do it.

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