Rehoboth Beast Hunting


We heard reports of a bear in the Ash Street area of Rehoboth, so we scrambled the crew and headed out to see what was what. The first thing we found was a man’s man barbecue.


We didn’t catch the bear (we were only going to shoot him with the camera), which was probably a good thing for all parties. We did catch a duck posse.


Rehoboth, which is the Hebrew word meaning “broad places,” was founded in 1643. It originally stretched to Providence. The Native Americans took a few cracks at Rehoboth during King Philip’s War, burning houses and saw mills and generally scaring the bejesus out of the colonists. The white boys paid them back by killing Anawan (a Wampanoag sachem who took over after King Phillip perished) there, ending King Philip’s War in this part of the state. Duxbury”s Benjamin Church, America’s first ranger, led that mission.


All of this matters very little to the ducks, who just want to be left alone to hang around on Ash Road. I found out later that they are free range Muscovy ducks, and sort of serve as the neighborhood’s conscience regarding speeding down that road


I had to shoo them along, as cars were coming. I didn’t want them to get run over, because they were there both days that I searched Rehoboth and I had grown attached to them.


One of them even sat down in the road like she thought she was an Occupy Rehoboth protestor.



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