Fore River Park In Quincy


Beaching it in Quincy…


I had some business up in Capital Q, and I took my smoke breaks down at the Fore River Park/Mound Street Beach area.


Not much happens there now, but this was just upstream from the Fore River Shipyard, which was putting in work until 1986.

20180519_072024Just the geese and I…



Personal use lighthouse at a defunct gas station.



We did catch a game of Cricket. A group of Calcutta-type Indians go down there before 7 AM every Saturday for a match. Cricket is baseball enough to watch, but English enough that you don’t really know what’s going on. The pitcher gets a running start from centerfield, winds up like a softball pitcher, throws overhand and bounces it in the dirt in front of the batter. I was going to ask if I could play, but it violates the journalistic Primary Directive of “never interfere with what you are covering.” I also suck at baseball… I am a large man, and you could hide a small man very effectively in my strike zone.

I also had to get back to work…


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