Surf Check: Brant Rock and Duxbury


Poseidon was tryin’, but the South Shore wasn’t buyin’.



Surf Check, 4/16/18

We went to Duxbury and Marshfield to check out the waves from a mini nor’easter.
Technically, it was some spelling of sou’easter, as winds came from the Southeast.
You could call it “Southeast winds from a nor’easter way offshore,” because I have been writing this column long enough to know that some people get touchy about these designations.
It wasn’t a bad storm, maybe a C or a C-.


We got to Fieldston, Ocean Bluff, Brant Rock, Green Harbor and Duxbury Beach.  That’s our author in the picture above, and Fieldston  (featuring Hardcore Logo) in the video below.




Two paths to Burke’s Beach above, and Ocean Bluff below.


This storm was a minor test for the seawall repairs.
The strong SE wind put the waves into SE-facing Green Harbor, and made life a bit easier for NE-facing Duxbury Beach.
Duxbury residents had no choice but to fill in their yards after the major erosion of the March storms, violating the “don’t do yard repairs until late April” guideline.
They seemed to hold up OK.
You can see the value of a good seawall down in Green Harbor, in the background, or Brant Rock, below…


As you can see, big boulders will be the order of the day until they replace the seawall.
End of an era… the infamous Public Stairs have been destroyed.
Homeboy had better get his Flag Game together.
My assistants running away… Burke’s Beach/Green Harbor below


Green Harbior has a sort of curve to it that makes it an optimal photo platform no matter where the storm winds are blowing in from…
The storm was impressive enough to overwash the jetty at Green Harbor.
The Brant Rock side of the channel took some shots, too.
I go to the Green Harbor well more than once, but never too often. We also have more Brant Rock, below…


Sometimes, you get a soaking on this job.
Seagulls were doing some air-surfing over the waves.
Brant Rock, I believe… and we finish at Duxbury Beach, below…




Surf Check: Brant Rock And Duxbury Beach

A large ocean storm just missed us this week, but it was strong enough to send surf back our way for a few days. I got there a day late, as someone else took that shot of the wave breaking on the house at the top.
Had it shifted towards new England a bit more, it would have been the 5th in 24 days. As it was, it still sent heavy surf at the South Shore and Cape Cod.
They also had an 11 foot tide, which you can see where the Cut River meets Green Harbor. Our photographer gets soaked at the end of the video below, filmed in Brant Rock.


I bet, in 1960 or so, there were two guys who are very old now, and they argued about wherever they thought the weak point of the seawall was. Whoever had that area above, and he may be dead now, was correct.
Brant Rock was named after Brant Geese, which nested on these rocks and probably some others. Ocean Bluff used to be called Hewitt’s Point, named after Jennifer Love Hewitt some guy named Hewitt. Hewitt got the land from a guy named Winter, who had taken to calling it Winter’s Island. However, Winter got tried for fathering his own grandchild, and that was all she wrote for Winter’s Island on the ol’ map. I think Hewitt may have even been that grandchild. “Ocean Bluff” sounds better, anyhow.
One can follow the Cut River into Duxbury’s Great Salt Marsh. The tide, as you might guess, was also high over here.
This is all old storm damage or old repairs, it wasn’t that bad when I was there, I should have gone to Eastham.
The poor public stairs lose by TKO to Mother Ocean.
Duxbury’s seawall was absolutely torn apart in March. The replacement wall is estimated to cost $4.5 million. 
Or, you can just buy some iron plates and roll a few boulders around…
There is work to be done beyond the wall, as well.
Crikey! As you can imagine, with seawall damage like that, sump pumps are working overtime… see video below:
Watch that first step…
That was a lawn, once…
The surf came over the wall a bit, but nothing like earlier in the month.
Buoys always get in the mix if we see them.
Looks worse than it was, and that is Duxbury in the video below…


Duxbury’s marsh in Saturation mode.
Powder Point (Bridge and Road) in the background.
The beach is level with the seawall in some parts of Duxbury.
Onward through the fog, to Clark’s Island.
Duxbury Beach, residential area, pre-storm, from above.

Equalizer II Filming In Duxbury Today


When not killing bad guys, Denzel annexed Duxbury Beach and gave it to Brant Rock.
Equalizer II is filming in Duxbury today, using the Powder Point Bridge for a pivotal scene. 
A lot of the gear is being stored in the Duxbury Beach Park parking lot.
Filming is still on, in spite of a vicious windstorm The film features Denzel fighting bad guys in a hurricane, and would have looked mad wimpy if they had to not film the storm scenes because they were having a storm. Denzel might have to equalize someone. We didn’t get close enough to get a pic of Denzel, I’m in Fairhaven, these pics are from Sara Flynn and Becka Stamper.

“Equalizer II” Props In Brant Rock, Duxbury


Equalizer II is filming in Marshfield and Duxbury.

You know The Equalizer… that little English secret agent dude from the 80s with the mad guns and the nice Mercedes. He was sort of like James Bond, except that you could hire him if you dug through the Classified ads deeply enough.

OK, this Equalizer is Denzel Washington, he seems to live in Brant Rock, and I don’t think that he’s English.

From what I saw while checking out the YouTube fight scenes from Equalizer I (you need to make a second Equalizer film to equalize the first Equalizer film, lest one standing alone unbalances the scale), Robert McCall works at a home improvement store when not out Equalizing. Time slows down for him when the fighting starts, and he does this Bionic Man thing where he looks around the room and finds lethal uses for hardcover books and so forth.

I didn’t see one guy survive his difference of opinion with Equalizer I. The Equalizer chooses his victims well, usually some pimp or a junkie. This helps the viewer not notice some he’s-a-psychopath stuff that the Equalizer does, like timing how long it takes him to kill five men with a corkscrew… you know, just like you and I do.

This is neither here nor there. What we’re here to show you today is a little movie magic.

That boat above shouldn’t be there. That’s the Arthur & Pat’s parking lot. However, the Equalizer apparently fights a hurricane in his second eponymous film, and they need a boat washed ashore to make the storm look meaner.

I do like that, many moons after her demise, Arthur & Pat’s is going to be famous one last time.

We can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that Denzel Washington is staying at the guest house of Duxbury Beach philanthropist Stephen Bowden. Washington was also not seen leaving South Side Annie’s in New Bedford with Cranberry County Magazine foreign affairs desk chief Stacey Monponsett.

Another old favorite from around the way that gets some Equalization is the Powder Point Bridge. Someone crosses Denzel on the PPB in this film, and he no doubt tosses them to their death off the side. OK, that may require some work, because children hurl themselves off that bridge for fun… but if anyone can work around something like that, it’s Coach Boone.

Maybe Denzel is about to Equalize someone, but he doesn’t have $700 for the beach sticker and sheepishly allows himself to be sent back to the mainland by the Duxbury Assistant Harbormaster. Denzel then gives up, lets ISIL get away and just goes to Benchwarmer Subs.

Only time will tell. The film is set to be released on August 3, 2018. Until then, we have only the props and out imagination…