Tummy Porn: Mi Antojo In New Bedford


My man Hardcore Logo and I celebrated him finishing 4th grade by eating Mexican food in New Bedford at a Maginot Line-looking  (minus the bright yellow paint, of course… even the French aren’t that French) concrete blockhouse in a tough harbor neighborhood. What could possibly go wrong?


Things are already looking up as we enter. It’s tough to tell in print, even with photography, but the place smelled really good.


My plan to order “Steak, medium rare, side order of Gloria Estefan” was looking good until I got inside and  found out that the menu was in Spanish. I don’t speak 10 words of Spanish. I don’t even know how to say “Gloria Estefan” in Spanish.


No worries. We had Alice. Alice was the pretty girl working the counter, and it is safe to say that I was not the first befuddled honkey that she saw looking at their all-Spanish menu in her career. She tagged in at an appropriate time, guided us through the menu in a sort of Mexican Food 101 manner (“You don’t want that, Sir… there’s Spicy and there’s Mexican Spicy, and that one is Mexican Spicy”), and sat us down with a plate of nachos and some salsa verde.


They have a very colorful soda selection, although I had Mexican Coke… no, not that kind. Logo had Mango Soda. Alice coached him through the process. I then sat with Logo, who is 11, and bombed with every “Alice”s Restaurant” and “Go ask Alice” joke that I tried. “You can get anything you want” went nowhere, as did “Feed your head.” Logo’s mom was at Edaville Railroad and Teresa was working until 3, so my audience options were limited there. Teresa and Jessica are both probably old enough to get the White Rabbit references, but too young for Arlo Guthrie. My job ain’t easy, people.


OK, check that, my job friggin’ rules. It rules so hard that I get Primae Noctis rights in some parts of New Bedford. The nachos (they have a dozen varieties) were the part of the order where Alice steered me away from Mexican Spicy… and this was after I became overwhelmed by the Spanish menu, just said something that sounded Mexican restaurantish, and Alice had to say, “No sir, we don’t have that, that’s actually something they make at Taco Bell.”


Taco Bell is going to come up in any review of a Mexican restaurant written by a corny white suburban kid from Massachusetts, and I am Duxbury High School level suburban. It was an excellent version of odd to see tacos with real steak in them, as opposed to meat paste. Mi Antojo pretty much ruined Taco Bell for me…which really is a shame, because I live 5 minutes from the Wareham Taco Bell and will most likely smoke up an eighth of Training Day herb before supper time. I probably should have zoomed the camera in on the tacos more, but that’s why you can read this for free, player.


Logo went for quesadillas, which I can’t spell in English or Spanish. I do wonder if Alice, who was very influential in our eventual orders, steered us towards Things That White People Order At Taco Bell so that she and the staff could then ruin Taco Bell for us forever by feeding us better versions of that food. She seemed more sweet than devious, and I run across a lot of both types in this job… although it worked, and Alice wouldn’t be the first Latina to get me wrapped around her little finger. Hunger is a great motivator.

It’s better not to think about it, especially if you have a plate of nachos in front of you that is about the size of a hub cap. Trust in God, child, and eat with both hands.





Noah’s Place Playground

received_2096830007197076.jpegWelllllll, what do we have here?



It”s Noah’s Place playground, which just opened up on Pope’s Island in New Bedford



It is designed to serve the needs of children who might not be able to use other playgrounds around town.



It may be the only fully inclusive playground in Southeastern Massachusetts.



Noah Fernandes was the inspiration for the park. Noah had mitochondrial disease, but that didn’t stop him from getting to the playground when he could. Not all playgrounds were suited for children with special needs, but thanks to the Team Noah Foundation, there is now a fully inclusive playground in Southeastern Massachusetts.



I don’t even know what that is, but I know that I want to play with it. I’m 49, by the way… going on 7.




Mayor Mitchell says that he has never seen a project where the groundbreaking was so close to the ribbon cutting. They got this sucker up-n-open in less than a year.




I thought they were trying to go with New Bedford High School’s colors, but New Bedford High School is red and white. Blue and yellow looks better for a playground.



The playground is on 102 Pope’s Island Road on the New Bedford/Fairhaven border.



It is up and running, just in time for summer.



There is a nice view of Fairhaven Harbor, available to True Swingers.




Big ups to the sponsors…


Hope to see you there!


July 3rd Tides

Many towns on the Massachusetts South Shore celebrate the nation’s Independence Day by having a July 3rd bonfire.

That may or may not be legal in your town, and I advise you to check with local authorities before assembling a 20-foot Inferno… or just be really sneaky, get a few scouts on either end of the road and build the fire very quickly before the police arrive.

One thing that can screw up a bonfire is a bad tide. Ideally, a bonfire is lit at night, but not so late at night that it does not provide entertainment for the children.

That part isn’t hard, unless there is a 9 p.m. high tide. You either have to light the bonfire at 6 p.m. or drink beer until 1 a.m. and light it then. Not much good comes from lighting 20-foot bonfires at 1 a.m.

However, Uncle Sam is smiling on the Irish Riviera this year, as tides look to be ideal for bonfires.

Here are some local July 3rd tides, information, which is of course useful to people who aread not assembling semi-legal conflagrations.


Brant Rock, 3:53 PM

Scituate Harbor, 3:47 PM

Plymouth Harbor, 3:39 PM

Hull, 3:53 PM

Hingham, 3:57 PM

Cape Cod Canal, East, 3:47 PM

Cohasset, 3:52 PM

This puts low tide pretty close to 10 PM for most of these places.


Grey Morning In Duxbury


A little foul weather doesn’t keep me from my morning stroll.


Poseidon was trying to give us an ocean storm, but his heart wasn’t in it.



At the foot of the Powder Point Bridge, aiming at Duxbury Proper.



Looking for the distance limit on my camera phone… yup, it’s right about there.


If I zoom in enough, I do OK…



The Powder Point Bridge, as much as I love it, looks like a fishing pier that they got the measurement wrong on to the extent that it reached the other end of the bay.



I am more punk than gangsta, which is the reason why I did not steal this unattended police vehicle for my own personal use. I know my limits.


See what I mean about it being a really big fishing pier?



Lobsters do not walk upright, but the horizontal lobster wouldn’t be as effective as an advertising tool.


I should have led off with this…

…or this.



Alicia Fox, in the house… OK, under it.


Bourne, In The Morning… But Not This Morning



Some mornings, I drive around seeking stories. Sometimes, you just have to walk a round town… or climb up on the roof of a defunct tavern, whatever works.



I was going for a nice red/white/blue moyif, but the power lines make it look like the houses were fighting Spider Man.



The upper northwest corner of Barnstable County.



You can’t see the beach, but is at the bottom of the stairs, trust me.


More tavern-scaling, to get the Bourne Bridge.


Fore River Park In Quincy


Beaching it in Quincy…


I had some business up in Capital Q, and I took my smoke breaks down at the Fore River Park/Mound Street Beach area.


Not much happens there now, but this was just upstream from the Fore River Shipyard, which was putting in work until 1986.

20180519_072024Just the geese and I…



Personal use lighthouse at a defunct gas station.



We did catch a game of Cricket. A group of Calcutta-type Indians go down there before 7 AM every Saturday for a match. Cricket is baseball enough to watch, but English enough that you don’t really know what’s going on. The pitcher gets a running start from centerfield, winds up like a softball pitcher, throws overhand and bounces it in the dirt in front of the batter. I was going to ask if I could play, but it violates the journalistic Primary Directive of “never interfere with what you are covering.” I also suck at baseball… I am a large man, and you could hide a small man very effectively in my strike zone.

I also had to get back to work…


Tuesday Night Tsunami

Heavy thunderstorms hit the New England last Tuesday. While it was not a strong storm or hurricane, there was a sharp drop in barometric pressure.

Amazingly, this produced a tsunami.

No, it was not a Big Kahuna style tsunami that you see on Hawaii Five-O trailers, nor was it an Indonesian-killing wall of water that reached 10 miles inland. To my knowledge, this tsunami, if it even reached the shore, had no discernible effects.

This was a meteotsunami, and I sure hope that I spelled that right. Unlike normal tsunamis, which are born from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or even asteroid strikes, a meteotsunami arises from atmospheric conditions.

They happen more than we think they happen. The Great Lakes get 100 of them a year, I am told. Most of them are very small, although there have been damaging ones in the past. Meteotsunamis have killed several people in Chicago within the last 100 years, and one struck Massachusetts in the last 5 years… heck, one may have struck us in the last 2 days.

Tuesday’s meteotsunami registered on as NOAA buoy off of Conneticut, and the wave ended up hitting the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The wave was 10 inches tall, not even Gary Coleman could surf it. However, it was officially a tsunami.

Did it hit New England? Not that I am aware of. New England has been hit by tsunamis before. A strong thunderstorm offshore in 2013 produced a meteotsunami, which hit both Massachusetts and New Jersey. Again, it was small, but not small enough to escape notice.

Massachusetts may also have been hit with a real tsunami of seismic origin during the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake, which put a 20 foot tsunami into parts of Canada and snapped all of the transatlantic ocean cables around here. The arrival of the tsunami in Massachusetts was unnoticeable, due to a strong Nor’easter hitting the region at the time.

They may have had a tsunami wash ashore Tuesday, I am not sure as we are going to press.

So, while it was minor, a tsunami did form in the region Tuesday night. More will come in the future.



Voting In Bourne Today

Bourne is holding their Town elections today, and we strongly urge you to go downtoen to exercise your right to vote.

You can vote for Selectman (or woman), Board of Health people, Recreation committee people and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Polls opened at 7 AM, and will stay open until 8 PM. I voted, and the staff were very helpful when I didn’t turn up on the voter rolls due to me blowing off those census forms.

This column personally is representin’ hard for Precinct 1.


Cape Cod Road Trip

31404109_10156225277767510_2286550140674113536_oSome days you have ideas for a story, some days you just ride around and see what comes up.


Bass River Bridge, above and below…


31416727_10156225316447510_2931035182012039168_oWe also got our bad selves out to Smuggler’s Beach…in Yarmouth, home of Mattacheese.



Docks, both great and small…


31433659_10156225240862510_1228575064308318208_oAbove, a personal-use lighthouse at the Bass River Bridge.

31437512_10156225277717510_5390269563768143872_oLifeguard stands always look cool in the offseason.

We got in some Parker River Beach,  below…


‘merica!31472640_10156225266957510_2169058660297211904_o31486871_10156225266942510_3882592526539948032_oStash these for Memorial Day…

31495284_10156225315362510_6640780353202028544_oI do a lot of shore photography and I have always had a weakness for curved jetties. Plymouth has a nice one, but this is Yarmouth.

31503415_10156225240902510_8518996579972022272_oBass River dock…

31505960_10156225334657510_7287034401374863360_oCottages in Yahhhmuth.


31518964_10156225240842510_4944410365980049408_oGood spot for the Dab Pen!


31398321_10156225312192510_5262918633775955968_oI am nothing if not a romantic, and will risk the creepy shot of people who don’t know I am shooting at them to bring you, the reader, a cute picture.


Indoor pool, at the beach. There’s an indoor sand box on the hotel’s backside.


I never tire of lighthouses, a good trait in a Cape Cod photographer.


It is my intention to go through all of my photographs and compile enough for a book on Cape Cod wind vanes.

31403472_10156225352282510_6933487408126099456_oHad to stop at the Beach House.

31403779_10156225333512510_4135603101417603072_oSmall seawall here, strange, I need to chat up a local…

31403921_10156225334472510_8581313841017651200_oThe good part about the offseason Cape is that you can get some pretty nice beaches to yourself.



Hey, that duck is from a Rehoboth article, what’s he doing here?


Above and below, Plymouth… because we just emptying the photo gallery on the camera at this point.


Let’s get back to the Cape…

20180429_115254“C-o-m-p-t-o-n and the city they call Long Beach…”



A couple of beached boats…



20180429_111457This looks like Captain Bob got married, had a bunch of kids and had to vastly upgrade the sea shanty.

20180429_104827How you ‘dune?



You know you hate yourself when you take behind-the-wheel pictures on suicide alley. “Suicide Allie” or some similar spelling thereof would be a great stripper name at a dive bar.

20180428_171229Rip Skull!

20180429_104546Thanks for checking us out!