Tummy Porn: Mi Antojo In New Bedford


My man Hardcore Logo and I celebrated him finishing 4th grade by eating Mexican food in New Bedford at a Maginot Line-looking  (minus the bright yellow paint, of course… even the French aren’t that French) concrete blockhouse in a tough harbor neighborhood. What could possibly go wrong?


Things are already looking up as we enter. It’s tough to tell in print, even with photography, but the place smelled really good.


My plan to order “Steak, medium rare, side order of Gloria Estefan” was looking good until I got inside and  found out that the menu was in Spanish. I don’t speak 10 words of Spanish. I don’t even know how to say “Gloria Estefan” in Spanish.


No worries. We had Alice. Alice was the pretty girl working the counter, and it is safe to say that I was not the first befuddled honkey that she saw looking at their all-Spanish menu in her career. She tagged in at an appropriate time, guided us through the menu in a sort of Mexican Food 101 manner (“You don’t want that, Sir… there’s Spicy and there’s Mexican Spicy, and that one is Mexican Spicy”), and sat us down with a plate of nachos and some salsa verde.


They have a very colorful soda selection, although I had Mexican Coke… no, not that kind. Logo had Mango Soda. Alice coached him through the process. I then sat with Logo, who is 11, and bombed with every “Alice”s Restaurant” and “Go ask Alice” joke that I tried. “You can get anything you want” went nowhere, as did “Feed your head.” Logo’s mom was at Edaville Railroad and Teresa was working until 3, so my audience options were limited there. Teresa and Jessica are both probably old enough to get the White Rabbit references, but too young for Arlo Guthrie. My job ain’t easy, people.


OK, check that, my job friggin’ rules. It rules so hard that I get Primae Noctis rights in some parts of New Bedford. The nachos (they have a dozen varieties) were the part of the order where Alice steered me away from Mexican Spicy… and this was after I became overwhelmed by the Spanish menu, just said something that sounded Mexican restaurantish, and Alice had to say, “No sir, we don’t have that, that’s actually something they make at Taco Bell.”


Taco Bell is going to come up in any review of a Mexican restaurant written by a corny white suburban kid from Massachusetts, and I am Duxbury High School level suburban. It was an excellent version of odd to see tacos with real steak in them, as opposed to meat paste. Mi Antojo pretty much ruined Taco Bell for me…which really is a shame, because I live 5 minutes from the Wareham Taco Bell and will most likely smoke up an eighth of Training Day herb before supper time. I probably should have zoomed the camera in on the tacos more, but that’s why you can read this for free, player.


Logo went for quesadillas, which I can’t spell in English or Spanish. I do wonder if Alice, who was very influential in our eventual orders, steered us towards Things That White People Order At Taco Bell so that she and the staff could then ruin Taco Bell for us forever by feeding us better versions of that food. She seemed more sweet than devious, and I run across a lot of both types in this job… although it worked, and Alice wouldn’t be the first Latina to get me wrapped around her little finger. Hunger is a great motivator.

It’s better not to think about it, especially if you have a plate of nachos in front of you that is about the size of a hub cap. Trust in God, child, and eat with both hands.





Noah’s Place Playground

received_2096830007197076.jpegWelllllll, what do we have here?



It”s Noah’s Place playground, which just opened up on Pope’s Island in New Bedford



It is designed to serve the needs of children who might not be able to use other playgrounds around town.



It may be the only fully inclusive playground in Southeastern Massachusetts.



Noah Fernandes was the inspiration for the park. Noah had mitochondrial disease, but that didn’t stop him from getting to the playground when he could. Not all playgrounds were suited for children with special needs, but thanks to the Team Noah Foundation, there is now a fully inclusive playground in Southeastern Massachusetts.



I don’t even know what that is, but I know that I want to play with it. I’m 49, by the way… going on 7.




Mayor Mitchell says that he has never seen a project where the groundbreaking was so close to the ribbon cutting. They got this sucker up-n-open in less than a year.




I thought they were trying to go with New Bedford High School’s colors, but New Bedford High School is red and white. Blue and yellow looks better for a playground.



The playground is on 102 Pope’s Island Road on the New Bedford/Fairhaven border.



It is up and running, just in time for summer.



There is a nice view of Fairhaven Harbor, available to True Swingers.




Big ups to the sponsors…


Hope to see you there!


White Christmas!

Mother Nature let the Cold Miser show us some Christmas love in SE Massachusetts. This is Wareham, I believe, and the pic up at the top is from Westport.
The snowfall was more outside-the-495 style, and the weather event was more wind around these parts. Southern Plymouth, as you can see, just got dusted.
My sister’s yard in Duxbury is as far north as our photographers ranged.
I drive by this several times a day, and the lack of spacing between the N and the B drives me crazy. Were I still a drinking man, this would already have been fixed.
We stopped in Bourne for a nightcap.

Dashing Through The Snow

Our coverage area finally got some snow worthy of a camera drive. 
It was no blizzard, just an inch or two…
We drove around quite a bit… the seagull picture is from New Bedford, the frozen cranberry bog is in Buzzards Bay, the Christmas Tree Shoppe is in Sagamore…
… and the Yuletide Yeti is in southern Plymouth. He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.
Kid Transporting in New Beddy…
Duxbury didn’t have as much snow as the southern towns did, but they had more effeminate elves.
This is just outside Syracuse, NY, but why waste a good picture?
Bourne, facing Wareham.
The plows hadn’t made it into the Ponds Of Plymouth 7 hours after the snow started.
Fairhaven enjoyed a speedy commute.
Kingston’s snow slowed mall traffic considerably.
Turkeys who survive Thanksgiving tend to be a bit cocky in December.
Nothing like a partially-plowed road heading downhill into an ocean, eh?

Open-Air Art In New Bedford

Why waste time and money going to the Louvre when there is perfectly good art to be found on various walls in New Bedford?
We were going to name this “Graffiti” or “Unsanctioned Street Art,” but a lot of these were murals done with the owner’s permission, by professional artists.
Nothing livens up a drab city like a little outdoor art by a ghetto Gauguin.
Do-gooder graffiti
When I was teaching, we toured Channel 4 with the students. The trip was set up so my five kids who were held back from summer break and I could waste a day checking out a weathergirl (Melissa Bell, in this case). She was cool, but the fun part was when we walked by Gil Santos’ desk. I am old enough to have known Santos by sight, but the kids weren’t. I put a buck down, promised it to the kid who could recognize Santos (he was doing Patriots play by play  at the time, I’m not THAT old) once he started talking, went over and introduced myself. Santos, immortalized on the wall’s upper left, has a one-in-a-million voice, instantly recognizable… and I was handing the dollar over about 5 seconds after he started speaking.
23621645_10155787862072510_5630697963539952818_n - Copy
Katsuhika Hokusai could have a nice copyright lawsuit over this mural, which looks suspiciously like someone said “Just redo ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa,’ replace Mount Fuji with a second tidal wave, and BOOM…. New Bedford!” Hokusai died in the 1800s, so he won’t live to spend any of it.
Gutsy tagging, seeing as it is 5 yards off of Route 18.
What happens after someone decides that the Port Of New Bedford needs to be cuter.
Liven up your block-long abandoned Clarks Cove brick factory by disguising the exposed pipes as palm trees. It’s what Martha Stewart would do if she suddenly and inexplicably took an interest in beautifying abandoned New Bedford factories.
It wasn’t me, but I do know a girl who slipped on this once.
Martha thinks of everything…
It’s on like Donkey Kong in New Bedford!

Hurricane Force Winds Lash Massachusetts

22851906_10155744130747510_9096892731159846502_n (1)
A powerful windstorm blew through Massachusetts last night. It brought soaking rain and powerful gusts. Damage was reported all across the state.
22852189_10155744130832510_5305263593929575983_n (1)
Much love to Sara Audette for the beached boat photos. 4 boats washed ashore in Mattapoisett, and reports of 9 washing ashore in Padanaram are coming in. You want to get the boat out of the water before nor’easter season, kids…
I hope no one was in that port-a-potty when it tipped over… OK, I’m lying, I hope someone was in it.
It would have been a better picture if the tree were in the road, but I pulled it out of harm’s way before clicking. There was some old lady afraid to drive around it. Fairhaven, btw…
Winds were astounding. Mashpee had an 82 MPH gust. Fairhaven, pictured here, got 76 MPH. Plymouth recorded 68 MPH, Taunton reported 67 MPH, Barnstable and Bourne had 62 MPH, New Bedford got 56 MPH and Marshfield reported 52 MPH.
Power was out all over the region, including Fairhaven, where a power line was down off of Route 6.

Fairhaven, town hall and Fort Phoenix beach, above and below…


Clarks Cove, New Bedford

Popeyes Opens In New Bedford

Popeyes (I saw no possessive apostrophe anywhere, on anything in their store) Louisiana Kitchen, widely known as just Popeyes, opened up this week just off Coggeshall Street in New Bedford. It’s in the same plaza as Market Basket, Taco Bell, Urgent Care and that Pizza Pizza joint with the name that I can’t recall at the moment. We went in to see what was the deal with this place.
The Popeyes in New Beffuh is right off of a major highway and near both a supermarket and a blocked artery’s worth of fast food joints, so it was packed immediately upon opening. We had to go at 2 PM just to get near the place. The restaurant was well staffed, and the girl waiting on us at the register (she’s the far-right worker) was very polite and friendly.
KFC has better chicken, Popeyes has better fries, the mashed potatoes are about the same, Popeyes narrowly has better mac-n-cheese, and KFC has better biscuits. I prefer KFC’s batter color, but that may involve chemicals that I try not to think of when I eat fast food.


22815478_10155736862392510_5512385251277423512_n (1)
The friendly, motherly woman from the commercials wasn’t there, and I never understood how Popeyes hasn’t come to some sort of agreement with the spinach-munchin’, hard-punchin’ sailor man from the cartoon. Much like how Sonic the Hedgehog was never hired as a spokesman by the fast food company he that shares a name with, this is just a fact that I want on the Internet somewhere.


Fall Foliage Recon, SE Massachusetts, 10/21/17

We’ve been touring the interior of SE Massachusetts, checking out the progression of the local fall foliage.
We ran New Bedford to Freetown to Lakeville to Middleboro to Halifax to Bridgewater and then back to New Beddy.
We were on a roll, starting from Route 18 then 105 then 106 then 104.
We stopped early for some blessings.
The foliage is just starting to turn in SE Massachusetts. It is better north of Plymouth/Brockton, and we’ll be up that way early next week.
A recently plowed field allows the photographer to get a few trees into a shot.
It looks like foliage just suddenly broke out in this picture.
If the cart is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’…


The orange/sierra trees are busting out the color ahead of the red/yellow trees, I’ve noticed.


We did a tour of this area a few days ago, and foliage color has deepened noticeably in the interim.
We were at this pumpkin patch the other day, but just for pumpkins. We went today for a foliage shot… with pumpkins.
Seeing as our foliage is still gaining color in the interior of SE Massachusetts, we probably won’t get to Cape Cod’s foliage until  November.
The interior towns of Plymouth and Bristol County(s) will be hitting peak color soon enough, we’ll let you know…